Saturday 7.00 p.m Service of Philosophy and Mediumship

Each week a different Medium visits our Center and gives an address on Spiritualist Philosophy and a demonstration of mediumship. The address is a chance to learn something about the underpinning seven principles of Spiritualism and it is generally uplifting; most people get something helpful from it. The demonstration of mediumship aims to give members of the congregation a communication from Spirit providing evidence that there is survival beyond death. There is a raffle and a collection is taken     

Tuesdays 7.30 p.m - Special Evenings of Mediumship

Our aim is to have six Special evenings of mediumship over a year.  A visiting medium spends the evening giving a demonstration of mediumship that aims to provide a communication with loved ones in spirit and give evidence of survival beyond physical death.  There is a raffle and refreshments are included afterwards. It costs £5 for visitors and £4 for members of the Center.  The dates and names of the mediums are usually on the Home page and there is a leaflet (Speakers List) available at the Center.

Thursday 7.30 p.m  Spiritual Healing 

This is a weekly Service where you can have some lovely Spiritual Healing. The atmosphere is peaceful and serene so you can relax and sleep well afterwards.  A donation is collected and afterwards there is a chance to talk over a cup of tea and biscuit.  More details can be found on the 'Spiritual Healing' page.