Weddings/Blessings, Funerals and Namings


Our Centre can accommodate Services for Namings, Weddings/Blessings and Funerals.  There are several options for who can take the Service. The President may be able to take the Service but where this is not appropriate or possible, a Minister or Officient of the SNU (Spiritualists' National Union) can take it.

Each Service, whichever it is, will be individually tailored to meet all your ideas, wishes and needs.  The person taking your Service will meet you and go through what you want in detail before the actual Service.  You can choose what music you want, have readings and a theme if you wish. 

Namings - A naming Service is usually for an infant and can be likened to the Christian based Service of a Christening.  However, adults can also have a naming Service as one of the purposes is to be given a Spirit name.  The Naming may be taken by the President or an SNU Minister or Officient.

Weddings/Blessings - In the case of a Wedding, a registrar will be required at the Centre to ensure it is registered.  A Blessing is a renewal of vows and may be taken by the President or an SNU Minister or Officient.

Funerals - In the case of a funeral, quite often the families would choose a person whom they would like to take the Service.  Alternatively, the President or an SNU Minister or Officient may be able to take the Service.  The Centre can be hired for this and a Committee Member would be present to open, close and be available throughout the Service.

If you are interested in having one of these Services at this Centre, please contact us and we will take it from there.

Prices for hiring the Centre:


Naming - £30 Visitors,  £25 Members of the Centre


Wedding/Blessing/Funeral - £75 Visitors,  £50 Members of the Centre 


These prices include the full use of the Centre for the ?Service.  A separate fee to hiring the Centre will usually be charged by the person taking the Service who may be either an SNU Minister/Officient or the President.  Where the Service is a Wedding, the registrar will have their own fees and can be contacted separately.  We have a list of SNU Ministers and Officients upon request.